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Kingdom Hearts/My Little Pony Crossover OC

"The Tackler is scatterbrained, but never misses it’s mark… It’s body is cracked all over from repeated crashes. The damage is so bad, it’s head is bleeding out a red mane…."

Suppose to be a heartless… And I have to admit that this actually looks pretty good, and actually scared me a bit when I saw it but I don’t think Kingdom Hearts allows blood blood. I’ve never seen one little drop of blood in any of the 7 games.. So I doubt they would make an exception for this. Much less a pony.. And if the damage to The Tackler is so bad, wouldn’t it die? 


Sailor Moon (Troll) OC

At first i was like: 

But then I saw the sarcastic comments in the character description and realized it was a troll… And all I have to say is, I love you, whoever made this (I forgot your name.. Gomen..) I laughed so hard at this and just ahdnsbfbnhfd-

Fairy Tail OC

Name: Ruchia BlackLight Scarlet

Age: 14

Magic: Holy and Chaos. Some magic weapons

Likes: Weapons and armor

Dislikes: Lucy Heartfillia

Is Ruchia even a name? And I don’t think it’s possible a 14 year old could have a body like that.. And this is just a recolor of Erza. And what’s with BlackLight? And for magic, elaboration please?? And that sounds like powerful magic, such as lost magic maybe.. No. Sorry..  And if she has powers like that, why need magical weapons? And does she dislike Lucy for any particular reason? And is she a neko girl? 


Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but could you please take into consideration how harsh you're being because you're going to hurt someone's feelings, you know what I mean?

Sorry if this was a late answer (My sense of time is just horrible.) And I would like to apologize (Even if your OC isn’t even here or anything :P), I tend to get carried away when it comes to OC’s in one of my favorite shows/games that I don’t like being changed too much and be pretty harsh whether I’m aware of it or not sometimes. Would you like for me to edit some posts so they don’t sound too harsh? (I’ve already edited 3.)


Sonic OC

The art…. Why is her head so much bigger than her body?? 

And here is what the creator said on her character: 

"Hi I am Stripes. I am good friends with Blaze the cat. I am fast like Sonic basically I have all the powers of all the sonic characters. dont make me mad. :) art request are open"

"I LOVE sports. I love fashion. My fav. show is ghost adventures. Fav band is ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I love how she acknowledges how overpowered her character is too. And, is this a self-insert? Seeing as how she references Ghost Adventures and One Direction. Plus this OC seems to be the type paired with everyone seeing as how she has been paired with Sonic, Shadow, a few other different OC’s and Scourge. Because fuck canon right? This actually gave me a headache. 



My Little Pony/Shadow of the Colossus Crossover OC

I’m sorry but there are sometimes things that shouldn’t mix.. And this is one of those things.. I don’t think Twilight Sparkle (Or whatever their names are.. I don’t watch My Little Pony) should be involved in a game like this. How did you come up with this crossover might i ask?


(Edited this post)


Pandora Hearts OC

"This is my Pandora Hearts character. And my character looks a lot like Lacie for she is the reincarnation of Lacie."

"Reincarnation of Lacie.

No. No. That’s not possible. Lacie was destroyed by the darkness of the Abyss. And she CANNOT be reborn. No reincarnation, being reborn, NOTHING. Just NO. Even Stitch couldn’t take the impossibilty of this -_-


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